A Day in Her Life in September


September 2, 1792

A shameful event in the history of France marking the commencement of what became known as the September Massacres that spread over several days. It is estimated that 1,600 imprisoned persons were butchered by organized mobs. Nearly all of the victims were priests, seminarians, royalist sympathizers, and unlucky souls being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Among the massacres's victims was the queen's close friend Princess Lamballe. Her decapitated head and mutilated body were hoisted up to the queen's prison windows for her viewing pleasure. Marie Antoinette collapsed into a fit of hysteria.


September 3, 1783

The peace treaty, ending hostilities between Great Britain and its former American colonies, is signed in Paris. Despite the HUGE sums that France borrowed to finance the Americans, the French reaped very little compensation.


September 4, 1755

Count Axel von Fersen, Swedish career soldier with mantinée idol looks, diplomat, and "confidant" to Marie Antoinette, is born.


September 6, 1757

General Lafayette, infamous redhead is born. His impressive resume: hero of American Revolutionary War, unabashed admirer of George Washington, primary author of the Declaration of the Rights of Man, self-appointed conscience of the French Revolution, and loathsome traitor in the eyes of Marie Antoinette.


September 19, 1783

Big day at Versailles - the French conquer the skies. Louis XVI hosts the flight of the taffeta balloon of the Montgolfier brothers. The airship floats 1,500 feet above the palace and 2 miles beyond before landing safely with its unruffled passengers: a sheep, a duck, and a rooster. The first manned flight took place two months later on November 21.


September 21, 1792

The newly elected National Convention convenes and immediately abolishes the monarchy.


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