A Day in Her Life in November


November 1, 1755

The Great Lisbon Earthquake kills thousands and mesmerizes all of Europe.


november 2, 1755

Marie Antoinette is born in Vienna at 7:30 PM.


November 6, 1793

Duke Louis-Philippe Orleans, the villainous cousin of Louis XVI, is beheaded. Once the darling of the revolutionaries, he meets the same fate he prescribed for the king.


november 20, 1792

Shocking news erupts in the National Convention Hall. Deputies are informed that a hidden safe has been uncovered in the Tuileries Palace confirming Louis XVI’s collusion with foreign powers and agents to thwart the Revolution.


November 21, 1694

Voltaire is born. Perhaps the most influential writer of his time who still casts a huge presence today. An unsurpassed wit who was a champion of the oppressed and staunch crusader against bigotry. An irreplaceable national treasure, he dies at age 83 in Paris on May 30, 1778.


November 21, 1781

Count Maurepas dies at Versailles. A former minister of the Navy, Maurepas was exiled from the French court after a “misunderstanding” with Madame Pompadour. After decades of obscurity, Louis XVI appoints him as a guide to governing. The courtiers christen him “The Mentor.”


November 29, 1780

Marie Antoinette’s mother, Empress Maria Theresa, dies in Vienna at age 63.


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