A Day in Her Life in February


February 1, 1785

Cardinal Rohan exchanges a forged contract for the costliest necklace on the Continent, launching a personal debacle for all involved in the scandal.


February 13, 1787

Count Vergennes, Minister of Foreign Affairs since 1774, dies. Louis XVI falls into a debilitating funk at the loss of a man whose advice he relied on regarding all affairs of State.


February 13 and 14, 1792

Axel von Fersen slips into the Tuileries Palace undetected to present a plan of escape for the king’s consideration. Louis rejects the idea but expresses his profound thanks to the Swedish count. Fersen embraces Marie Antoinette for one final time; they will never see one another again.


February 20, 1790

Marie Antoinette’s brother, Emperor Joseph II, dies of tuberculosis. He was the queen’s last solid link to her homeland.


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