A Day in Her Life in December


December 3, 1776

Benjamin Franklin arrives in France to mount a charm offensive for French assistance to oust the British from America.


December 8, 1793

Madame du Barry, the bombshell beauty and mistress to Louis XV, is executed. She implored the executioner not to hurt her as she screamed all the way to the guillotine.


December 9, 1793

Duchess Gabrielle Polignac, escapee from revolutionary France and inseparable friend to Marie Antoinette, dies in Vienna.


December 11, 1792

To his surprise, an unshaven Louis XVI is taken to the National Convention Hall where he is forced to listen to The Act of Crimes that have been compiled against him for his trial.


December 19, 1778

Birth of Madame Royale, first-born child of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI. She is the only royal offspring to reach adulthood. She is forever scarred by the events of the French Revolution.


December 26, 1792

Louis XVI’s trial begins before a packed audience at the National Convention Hall in Paris. Every eye is glued to the diminished but stoical former monarch.


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