A Day in Her Life in August


August 10, 1792

The royal family abandons the Tuileries Palace and seeks safety in the nearby Legislative Assembly Hall.


August 15, 1785

Shockwaves rattle the Hall of Mirrors as Cardinal Rohan, the top banana of the French Catholic Church, is arrested on the Queen’s Name Day before a crowd of thousands. Thus, begins the downward spiral of the monarchy with the advent of the Affair of the Diamond Necklace.


August 23, 1754

Louis XVI is born. Little attention is paid to him until his charismatic, older brother dies in 1761. Everyone groans that this oafish boy will become king one day.


August 23, 1791

Madame La Motte, the half-baked brains behind the diamond necklace heist, dies in London after falling out of a third story window trying to escape angry creditors.


August 25, 1792

The most infamous estate sale ever commences, selling all the furnishings and personal objects belonging to the royals. The British Prince of Wales scores the best and most booty through his dispatched agents.


August 25, 1794

A mere ten months after Marie Antoinette’s execution, Count Mercy dies in London, just days after arriving to assume his post as the Austrian Ambassador to the Court of St. James.


August 27, 1789

The National Assembly adopts The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. Louis XVI reacts coolly and insists upon a companion document, The Declaration on the Duties of Man and of the Citizen.


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