A Day in Her Life in April


April 2, 1791

Count Mirabeau dies of pericarditis, unleashing a tug-of-war among politicians vying to take his place.


April 13, 1780

Count Axel Fersen sets sail for America to serve in the American Revolutionary War. It will be three long years before he and Marie Antoinette are reunited.


April 18, 1777

Marie Antoinette’s brother, Emperor Joseph II, arrives in Paris with a much-needed lesson on the birds and the bees for his sister and her husband.


April 18, 1791

A forceful showdown at the Tuileries’ gates prevents the royal family from leaving Paris to spend the Easter holidays at St. Cloud. Louis gives the green light to plan an escape from the capital.


April 21, 1770

Marie Antoinette leaves Vienna, Austria for her new home in France, the palace of Versailles.


April 27, 1784

Beaumarchais’ controversial play, “The Marriage of Figaro,” opens to maddening acclaim, as it pointedly pokes fun at the ruling establishment.


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